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Construction hoardings are security barriers that surround a building site, safeguarding employees and passersby from the potential health hazards. These hoardings also conceal the unsightly view from the public eye. However, building hoardings also provide an exciting opportunity for branding and promotions. As site owners, you can use them to promote your own project or offer the space to a third-party brand to advertise its products or services.

Construction sites are often bustling hives of activity, but to the outside world , they can be shrouded in mystery. That’s where construction site hoarding comes in – silent ambassadors , work tirelessly to inform, engage, and ultimately, convert paserby into interested parties. 

Hoardings are not merely barriers ; they serve as blank canvas that can be transformed into powerful branding and communication tools.They are one of the most effective ways to advertise brands and produce acceptable outcomes. 

Why Hoarding Matters

  • High Visibility : Strategically placed hoarding captures the attention of a large audience  , including pedestrians , motorists, and residents in the surrounding area.
  • Brand Awareness: Showcase your company logo, project name or key messaging to build brand recognition and excitement for your development.
  • Cost- Effective Advertising : Compared to other forms of advertising ,hoarding offers exceptional value for money , reaching a vast audience in single investment.
  • Multiple Functions: Go beyond branding .Hoarding can inform the public about project timelines , provide safety information , or even display artwork and community messages.

What are Hoarding Graphics made of ?

Hoarding graphics are usually made of vinyl graphics that are applied to the surface of a traditional hoarding, which is commonly constructed using timber. The vinyl graphics can come in various finishes, such as matte or glossy. However, for premium and durable hoarding graphics, Dibond is a popular choice.

Dibond is a material made from aluminium composite, known for its strength, durability, and weather resistance. It is considered an excellent option for hoarding graphics due to these qualities. Additionally, Dibond is recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. If you need hoarding for a construction site, opting for Dibond material can be a sustainable and robust solution.

Printing Methods

Hoarding printing firms typically use a variety of printing technologies and materials to produce graphics and text for huge outdoor hoardings. Some common printing methods are:

  1. Digital Printing: This method uses digital technology to print images directly onto various materials. It provides flexibility in terms of colour selection and design intricacy.
  2. Large Format Printing: This is a versatile method for printing large images on a variety of materials including vinyl, fabric, and paper. It is ideal for producing high-impact images for hoardings.
  3. Screen Printing: Although less popular for large hoardings, screen printing is a conventional way of applying ink onto the hoarding material using a mesh screen. It is commonly used for simple designs and bigger volumes.
  4. UV Printing: UV printing uses ultraviolet light to cure inks, producing a long-lasting and bright finish. This approach is appropriate for outdoor applications, as it is resistant to fading and weather.

Types of Construction Site Hoardings

When it comes to  hoarding construction , choosing the right material requires balancing budget concerns with desired quality and aesthetics. PVC Foam Boards (Economy) and Aluminium Composite Panels (Standard) are the two primary types of effective hoarding boards materials with various advantages and considerations.

PVC Foam Boards (Economy)

  • Affordability: PVC Foam Boards are a low-cost solution, making them excellent for projects where economy is a priority.
  • Composition of the Material: These hoardings, made of 5mm PVC foam, strike a mix between lightweight construction and moderate durability.
  • Considerations for the Finish: While PVC Foam Boards may not deliver the best quality finish, they are appropriate for jobs where a premium look is not the major focus.
  • Project Suitability: Best suited for projects where financial economy is more important than complex visual effects.

Aluminium Composite Panels (Standard)

  • Increased Durability: In terms of durability, Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) outperform PVC Foam Boards, providing a solid alternative for long-term applications.
  • Print Quality: The 3mm thick aluminium composite panels offer a superior printing surface, delivering a high-quality finish that surpasses high aesthetic standards.
  • Considerations for Cost: While ACPs are more expensive than PVC Foam Boards, the increased durability and greater print quality might justify the extra expense, especially for projects with a focus on brand awareness.
  • Lighting Versatility: ACPs have the advantage of being compatible with low-power LED illumination. This function improves visibility and branding, especially in low-light situations.
  • Types of Projects: Ideal for projects requiring a professional image, such as high-profile developments or those requiring

Aside from PVC Foam Boards and Aluminium Composite Panels, the UK construction sector uses a wide range of hoarding options adapted to specific project needs. Here are additional types of construction site hoardings commonly utilised in the UK:

  1. Steel hoarding: Steel hoarding panels are favoured in areas where construction will take place for an extended period of time since they are typically designed and built with long-term outdoor use in mind. They are more resilient than other varieties of hoarding and can survive adverse conditions.
  2. Timber Hoarding: Because timber can be derived from renewable forests, timber hoarding is a more sustainable option than other types of hoarding. It is also a sturdy and secure substance that may be installed using dependable ways.
  3. Concrete Hoarding: The most durable type of hoarding is concrete hoarding, but it is also the most expensive. It is frequently used for high-security projects or in regions where trespassing is a problem.
  4. Traditional Hoarding Boards: Traditional property boards are solid, wooden or metal panels that enclose construction sites.They provide a physical barrier to restrict access and enhance safety.
  5. Printed Hoarding Boards: These hoarding boards are customised with printed graphics, text and branding elements. They offer a visually appealing way to communicate information about the  construction project.
  6. LED Hoarding: Hoardings equipped with LED lighting elements strategically integrated into structure. The lights enhance visibility , increased safety , and an opportunity for creative and dynamic displays.
  7. Branded Hoarding Panels: These branding panels are designed specifically for showcasing the branding of the construction project.They often include logos, colour scheme, and other brand elements.
  8. Mesh Hoarding: Mesh hoarding is a sort of hoarding made out of wire mesh. It is a less permanent solution than other sorts of hoarding, but it is also less expensive. Mesh hoarding is frequently utilised for projects that will only be in existence for a limited time.
  9. Water-filled Barriers: Water-filled barriers are a sort of hoarding constructed of interlocking plastic blocks filled with water. They are a relatively new sort of hoarding, but they are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease of installation and dismantling, as well as their stability.

Types of Construction Hoarding Graphics

The type of hoarding graphics you choose can inform the public about the project , generate excitement or even serve as a revenue stream through advertising . Here are some common types of hoarding graphics.

  1. Informational Graphics: Studies have shown that infographics can improve information retention by upto 65% compared to text alone. This is because our brains are wired to process visual information more quickly and efficiently than text.
  2. Advertorial Graphics: Advertorial graphics combine advertising with journalistic magic, use enticing visuals such as data-driven infographics, lifestyle pictures, and even animations to tell a brand’s narrative, engage viewers, and drive action, all while keeping the informative appeal of an editorial piece. 
  3. Creative Graphics: Construction site hoardings can be much more than just obstacles, with everything from educational timetables and safety reminders to eye-catching murals and interactive AR experiences. They’re a dynamic communication platform that informs, engages, and builds relationships with the community through a variety of graphics that range from project facts and special offers to public art and fun silhouettes of future residents peeking through windows.

Key Features for Construction Site Hoardings

Whether you choose our economy , standard or any other solutions, Hoarding Printing Company will never compromise the quality of our basic materials, delivering great results every time. This devotion ensures that our site hoardings continuously capture the attention of your intended audience.

In addition to our commitment to quality, the following characteristics make our building site hoardings the best option:

  1. UV-Resistant, Waterproof Ink: We utilise high-quality ink that resists UV rays and water, resulting in brilliant, long-lasting designs.
  2. Fire-Resistant Panels: Our hoarding panels are made of fire-resistant materials, ensuring safety and compliance with industry regulations.
  3. Customisable Sizes: Hoarding panels from Hoarding Printing Company are available in both standard and bespoke sizes, allowing you to fulfil the specific needs of your construction site.
  4. Lamination Options: Select from a variety of lamination options to improve the longevity and visual appeal of your hoardings.
  5. End-to-End Service: We provide a comprehensive service that encompasses the entire process, from design and printing to installation, delivering a seamless experience for our clients.
  6. Total Quality Assurance: At Hoarding Printing Company, we are committed to quality in all aspects of our service and goods, so you can be confident that you are getting the best in the business.

Hoarding Printing Company aims to provide building site hoardings that not only meet, but surpass, your expectations. Contact us today for a comprehensive solution that includes superior design, printing perfection, and dependable installation.

Creative Power of Construction Site Hoarding

Construction sites are often synonymous with dust, noise, and well , bland fences . But what if those fences could be transformed into vibrant canvas 

  • Interactive wall art: Create murals that adapt to movement or light instead of static imagery. Consider a construction site fence that comes to life with dancing colours or funny animations as people pass by.
  • Community Canvas: Partner with local artists or schools to let them use the hoarding as a platform for their work .This fosters community engagement and showcases your commitment to the local area.
  • Living Green Walls: Use a vertical garden to bring life to your construction site. It not only looks nice, but it also improves air quality and attracts pollinators.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences: Add an AR layer to your hoarding that people can access using their cellphones. This can uncover hidden project details, create interactive activities, or even provide virtual tours of the future building.

Our Certificates and Accreditations 

Hoarding Printing Company  ensures guaranteed quality, sustainability, and safety. Our strong track record and commitment to excellence distinguish us in the printing industry.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification: Recognises our commitment to maintaining constant quality management.Ensures that products and services fulfil customer expectations and regulatory standards.
  • FSC® Certification: This demonstrates our commitment to responsible and sustainable forest management.Ensures that supplies are sourced from responsibly managed forests.
  • SGIA Certificate: Membership in SGIA indicates a dedication to staying at the forefront of printing technology.This reflects our efforts to maintain industry best practices.
  • Safety Recognition: Adhere to strict safety protocols.As a ,Awards for ensuring a safe work environment.
  • Customer Satisfaction Awards: Honoured for exceeding client expectations. As, we demonstrate our commitment to client satisfaction.

Securing Construction Site Hoardings: Understanding UK Safety and Sustainability Regulations

Construction site hoarding may require approval and adherence to numerous regulations and standards in the UK for a variety of reasons, including environmental sustainability, health and safety, design management, and compliance with local planning laws. Here’s why these approvals and requirements are so important.

  1. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification): These certifications verify that the wood used in construction hoardings comes from forests that are ethically maintained. It encourages the use of sustainable forestry practices, the conservation of biodiversity, and the observance of social and environmental criteria.
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Act (Worker Safety): The Health and Safety at Work Act is an essential aspect of legislation that requires companies to guarantee their employees’ health, safety, and welfare. To prevent accidents and safeguard workers and the public, construction site hoardings must exceed safety regulations.
  3. Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM): CDM regulations emphasise the integration of health and safety into the management of construction projects from beginning to end. Hoardings are an essential component of the building site, and compliance ensures that they are built, constructed, and maintained safely, lowering hazards throughout the project.
  4. Town and Country Planning Act of 1990 (Local Planning Approval): The Town and Country Planning Act of 1990 establishes the legislative basis for land use planning in the United Kingdom. Local authorities may require planning clearance for construction site hoardings to ensure they conform with zoning restrictions, aesthetics, and other local issues.
  5. Additional Approvals:
  • Public Safety : Construction sites are frequently surrounded by hoardings in public places. Local authority approval ensures that the hoardings are installed in a way that minimises threats to the public while maintaining access to nearby properties.
  • Aesthetics and Community Impact: Local planning laws may include considerations for hoardings’ visual influence on the surrounding neighbourhood. Approval methods may be used to determine if hoardings adhere to local design requirements and community aesthetics.

Construction Site Hoarding Installation Service

Hoarding Printing Company offers construction site hoarding installation services. We can print and install site hoarding panels within 72 hours.

Pre-Installation Survey

  • Site Visit: Our staff will come to your construction site to inspect the perimeter, ground conditions, access points, and potential obstructions.
  • Measurements and photography: To create a complete installation design, we gather precise measurements and images.
  • Permitting and Regulations: We advise you on any permits or regulations that may be required based on your area and hoarding design.

Design & Manufacturing

  • Hoarding Design: We work with you to create your hoardings, taking into account your branding, messaging, and any legal restrictions.
  • Material Selection: Based on your budget, durability, and intended lifespan, we recommend the best material for your needs.
  • Printing & Fabrication: Our in-house printing and fabrication facilities ensure that your hoarding panels are produced in a high-quality and timely manner.

Setting up

  • Site Preparation: We clear the installation area and, if necessary, build safety barriers.
  • Framework Assembly: Our professional installers firmly assemble the hoarding framework using appropriate anchoring methods for the ground circumstances.
  • Panel Installation: We carefully mount the hoarding panels to the framework, guaranteeing alignment and stability.
  • Access Points and Finishing Touches: We install any necessary pedestrian or vehicle access gates, as well as any finishing touches like paint or protective coatings.

Completion and Further steps

  • Final Inspection: We inspect the hoarding thoroughly to ensure it satisfies all safety and quality standards.
  • Handover & On-site Training: We supply you with a handover report as well as any necessary training for the hoarding’s maintenance.
  • Maintenance & Removal: After your construction project is over, we provide continuing maintenance and fast removal services.

Additional Services

  • Project Management: We can manage your entire hoarding project from start to finish, relieving you of the worry.
  • Lighting & Electrical Services: For increased visibility and security, we can install additional lighting or electrical connections within the hoarding.
  • Emergency Response Planning: We assist in the development of emergency response plans to handle potential hazards related to hoarding.

Our Comprehensive Services 

  1. Design: We can assist you in designing your hoarding to match your individual demands and aims. We can design eye-catching graphics and messaging to draw attention to your brand and promote it.
  2. Printing: To create high-quality, colourful hoardings, we use cutting-edge printing technology.
  3. Installation: Our team of expert installers will install your hoarding swiftly and efficiently, assuring its safety and security.
  4. Removal: When your project is over, we can also remove your hoarding.

Ready to Get Started  ?

We Specialise in creating high-impact ,cost-effective printed hoardings that meet your specific needs and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you to turn your construction site into a branding masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Must A Construction Site Hoarding Be Set Up?
Because public safety is paramount at every stage of the construction process, work cannot begin until hoarding is in place. The purpose of this is to prevent any work from being done without the necessary precautions being taken. After the risk evaluation is complete and the hoarding is given the green light, it will be built and installed.
Does Construction Site Hoarding Need Planning Permission?
Check with the local building authority before beginning any project for which you are unsure of the necessary planning permissions Your hoardings may get complaints from neighbors, both positive and negative, depending on their height and its size. Bear in mind that many construction laws are established by local councils, so what is permissible might differ from one authority to the next.
What is the Recommended Minimum Height of Site Hoardings Should be?
The primary factor for determining the height of a hoarding is preventing individuals from climbing over it, which is why hoardings are often so tall. In general, a height of around 8 feet (or 2.4 meters) is deemed sufficient; but, depending on the circumstances, it could be necessary to install a taller hoarding.
How Long Does it Take to Install Building Hoardings?
This will depend on the scale of the hoarding project such as the hoarding, size, artwork, location, and weather but, in most cases, we can print and install site hoarding panels in a specific location within only 72 hours.
How Often Does Building Site Hoarding Need to be Maintained?
Once a hoarding has been installed, it must undergo regular maintenance checks to make sure that no damage has occurred. Hoarding inspection frequency is not mandated by law and instead depends on factors including building site hoarding size and environment. It is up to the contractor or Temporary Works Coordinator to devise a suitable inspection plan and take measures to ensure that urgent repair is carried out without delay.

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