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Why Site Hoarding is an Important Part Of Community Engagement?

Community engagement is essential to build trust, respect, and understanding about a project. From the beginning till the end of the project, keeping the community around with the project is being built.

Construction projects are often accompanied by loud noise, dust, and disruption for the people, especially the ones in the proximity. By using hoardings, the site managers and developers can better understand the community that is to be directly affected by the same and prevent hiccups along the way.

Coming to the hoardings, they are essential for maintaining communication. You can use hoardings to improve relations with the public, engage the residents and advertise.

How is this possible via hoardings? 

You will find the answer to this question in the following sections. We will discuss the importance of site hoardings to build respect and initiate a dialogue amongst the community.

Why are Site Hoardings Important?

Site hoardings help in multiple ways;

  • They share inf
  • Initiate a dialogue between the project and community members.
  • Reduce the friction and resistance against the project (if the need arises).
  • Attract more customers and leads.

Let’s go through the details of community engagement via site hoardings.

Help Local Residents Echo their Voice

When a construction project comes up in the residential area, the people around the space are most affected. They may feel that their right to peace is being stripped off, and the right to breathe fresh may be taken away.

Most of the time, the residents feel helpless in these situations and take their concerns to the local board, municipal, mayor, etc., which is often time consuming.

Printed hoarding panels can address these same concerns.  They reinforce your commitment to ensuring the resident’s security and peace. This in turn reduces the overall resistance towards your project.

You can combine the site hoardings with your efforts to loop in the community via other methods. For instance, you can run online forums, conduct polls, take their views via social media, etc. Sharing the public opinion via site hoardings can reassure the community that they are being heard and their concerns are addressed.

So site hoardings become a way of responding to residents’ concerns. You can use them to share the steps being taken for resolving their issues.

Fast Track the Construction Process

Yes, it is possible; hear us out. Erecting site hoardings around the city for your construction project or any other purpose is done for various reasons. It can be for;

  • Raising awareness
  • Promotion
  • Inviting leads
  • Sharing news or information

And there may be other reasons. Not everyone will be happier to see a new project being developed in the city. Complaints can arise, and if you take a proactive approach and erect site hoardings sharing contact information with the viewers, it can be helpful.

These hoardings will ask the people to share their concerns directly with site managers, developers, etc. The contact information for them can be shared via the same hoarding.

As you understand and address the concerns (if any) of the people, you will be on the safe side. Plus, when you are taking a step forward to listen to the complaints, you can resolve them discreetly.

Brand Reputation and Introduction

Site hoardings can give a massive push to your brand reputation and stimulate a response from the community. For this to work, your hoarding board printing need to take a creative approach.

Better graphics and representation can give a big boost to your brand’s awareness. This is even more crucial for site hoardings catering to projects in urban areas, busy roads, and commercially developed areas.

Well crafted site hoardings help are no less than an opportunity. They can easily impress the viewers and help you gain more audience, awareness, and benefit from free word of mouth advertising. All these aspects help in further improving community engagement.

Sharing Project Progress and Insights

A better way to enhance community engagement with site hoardings involves sharing the project progress. For a construction project, people can be shown the project phases, development progress, and additional information. This is a way to assure them that the work is ongoing.

Advertising and Sales

Site hoardings are one of the best ways to attract leads. These are called directional graphics that can bring more sales opportunities for the projects. For this to work, you need to make attractive hoarding graphics that shine a light on the benefits of associating with the project.

Wayfinding Boards and Signs

The area around the construction site may obstruct the way of the bypassers. This can create friction between the community and the project. But you can ease it down by putting up site hoardings in the appropriate places and helping people navigate their way.

Avoid Conflicts

Another way where site hoardings can improve communication and community engagement is by avoiding conflicts. Building a project in the city can invite some unwanted, ill feelings and disputes.

With site hoardings, you can share the benefits of the project under question and help generate positivity. There may be several concerns with a project, including;

  • Environmental issues
  • Pollution
  • Project’s purpose

By sharing the benefits associated with your project, you can build a positive response from the community.

How to Approach Community Engagement?

You can use four methods to build and implement community engagement through site hoardings.

Information Sharing and EducationConsultationInvolvementCollaboration
This includes sharing news and insights with the community via hoardings.


The purpose is to assist people and clear out their doubts by sharing the project’s benefits and opportunities.

In case there is a potential for some issues to be raised by the community, consultation is required in feedback and forums.


The motive is to hear the people’s opinions about the project.

As you build associations with the community at large with the site hoardings, they can be involved in decision-making.


As the community is involved, they are made sure of the fact that their concerns are understood and addressed.

This happens when the project teams can rope in the community and take their help to raise awareness about the project.


With site hoardings, one example is things like inspiring people to share the project on social media.

Site hoardings become the face of the project in front of the community. With people having no idea about what is going on behind the scenes, these hoardings can help people visualise the outcome.

They present an opportunity to build associations with the people and the stakeholders. For successful community engagement, you need a team of people to work on the same and ensure effective results. Conduct regular meetings about the designing and implementation of the site hoardings.

The points above show the importance of hoarding boards in community engagement. Make sure to implement the right measures and achieve success.

By: Karishma

An enthusiastic Graphic Designer professional with strong communication and organisational skills, who is passionate about creating and developing innovative ideas with the client to help them get their business noticed. I work to the highest standards and have an excellent eye for detail with skills in design and organisation. I am a dependable and productive worker whose honesty and integrity provides effective leadership and builds excellent relationships. I enjoy innovatively…

Feb 01 2022