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Different Types of Hoardings & Graphics for Construction Sites

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A building site would not be complete without hoarding, a temporary yet sturdy structure that serves as the perimeter fence. Hoarding boards are necessary to hide and safeguard the public and the workers from stray debris and construction activity.

It might be difficult to choose the hoardings you want to employ for your construction site because each style of hoarding has a distinct purpose to consider. This guide will discuss the many hoarding styles used on construction sites to help you make a selection.

Different Types of Hoarding for Construction Sites

1. Steel hoarding

Steel hoarding panels are preferred in locations where building will take place for a considerable amount of time since they are frequently designed and constructed with long-term outdoor use in mind. Additionally, they are reusable and easy to install and remove. Benefits of steel hoardings include:

  • Durable: Steel hoardings are highly durable. Steel hoarding is the ideal choice for long-term projects when damage to the hoarding is evident.
  • Eco-friendly: Steel hoarding is an economical choice for businesses since it is environmentally friendly. Because of its durability and the frequency with which it can be reused, you will not need to buy new ones any time soon.
  • Compatible with fences: They work well with fences such anti-climb fencing for added security. Burglary and vandalism events at construction sites happen often. Steel hoarding panels might be useful in this situation.

2. Timber Hoarding

As long as the timber is acquired ethically and conserved for future use, these types of hoarding boards are frequently seen as the greener choice. Additionally, it is a sturdy and robust material that can be securely fastened in place using tried-and-true techniques like post mounting or setting into concrete. Benefits of timber hoarding include:

  • Available in many colours: It is possible to have the timber hoarding panels customised with your company’s colours.
  • Can come with gates: Timber hoardings are an excellent form of access control. Thus, they can come with gate barriers to keep unauthorised individuals out.
  • Reusable: Companies may save time and money by using timber hoardings because of their reusable nature, which maximises the investment.
  • Eco-friendly: The negative environmental effect of a firm may be significantly reduced when lumber hoardings are ethically and sustainably obtained.

3. Concrete Hoarding

Hoarding for construction sites that is made of concrete is one of the most resilient solutions.

The majority of concrete barriers are reinforced, rendering them a good option for lengthy projects requiring robust barriers.Their interlocking mechanisms allow for rapid installation and removal too. Benefits of concrete hoardings include

  • Highly resilient: Each reinforced concrete barricade weighs more than two tonnes.Given their weight, concrete hoardings are tough to move by hand, which increases the security of your building site.
  • Weather resistant: Strong gusts have the potential to topple more fragile types of hoarding, whereas concrete hoardings are difficult to move. An efficient long-term fix is to use concrete hoarding in locations with more severe weather.
  • Durable: Concrete hoarding is incomparably durable and may be reused several times. It is also quite economical because the efficiency stays intact even after wear-and-tear of the hoarding boards.
  • Reusable: You can be sure that you can utilise concrete hoarding for a variety of tasks if you purchase it rather than hire it. Concrete slabs are always a great option if you want to hoard items that you can use repeatedly, barring any damage that prevents you from using them again.

Different Types Of Graphics for Construction Sites

1. Informational Graphics

Information on hoarding visuals may be used to promote advertising, involve the community, or just for fun. Contractors may include renderings of the project’s final appearance, inform the public of the design process, or describe the project’s purpose and the benefits it will bring to the neighbourhood.

Organisations have the chance to advertise their brand across an exceptionally large area of public space thanks to hoarding panels at construction sites. Additionally, contractors may lease the area to other parties and permit them to advertise their offerings there.

However, it is vital to keep in mind that local authorities frequently impose a variety of restrictions on content and design to make sure they blend in with the neighbourhood.

Benefits of Hoarding for Construction Sites

1. It Secures and Protects the Construction Site

One of the primary advantages of hoarding panels for construction sites is that it gives the area much-needed security which may assist in avoiding robbery and crime. Each and every construction company must take steps to prevent unauthorised individuals from visiting their site. Before beginning any construction work, this entails establishing a perimeter and putting in place the appropriate signage.

2. It Protects the Public

Hoarding boards have the notable benefit of shielding the general population from major harm by erecting barriers around dangers like:

  • Vehicles around the construction site.
  • Debris that might fall on the road.
  • Equipment used for construction purposes.
  • Stumbles and falls near pathways for pedestrians.
  • Dust and noise.
  • Other roadworks.

Hoarding Print Company ensures that the hoarding boards around your construction are installed effectively to completely enclose the area being built. We can collaborate with you to safeguard the public and prevent any financial damage brought on by massive compensation claims, regardless of how big or small the area is.

3. It is Cost-Effective type of Protection

Our hoardings may provide your construction company a cost-effective alternative, which is one of its best advantages. Due to the fact that our green signage can be recycled for further projects, our hoarding graphics enable you to lower protection and advertising expenses. Additionally, it is quite simple to install, so the process will be quick and economical.

4.Doubles up as a Form of Advertising

You may use construction hoarding to promote your business through advertising campaigns as well.

Hoarding Print Company will assist you in designing custom hoarding signage that will draw attention to your project while the site is being built. This can entail making visuals that display the completed job and advertise your construction firm.

Additionally, it is an excellent method of brand promotion. For a store opening, for instance, you might use printed hoarding boards with graphics to promote your company before the big launch.


Hoardings and graphics can be an effective way to advertise your brand while protecting yourselves as well as the public from unwanted harm. Hoarding Print Company provides high-value customised hoarding solutions at competitive prices for your brand. Contact us here today

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