With over 15 years of experience across many sectors, we deliver a wide range of our hoarding printing on projects from commercial, refurbishments, fit outs and more. With a team of in-house designers, we have the knowledge to ensure your business is well represented through our hoarding designs. We work with many businesses, with each a different style and brand identity and our aim is to capture this within the final product.


We have a vast amount of experience working on commercial projects such as office spaces, high rise structures and infamous brands across the UK, to promote developers, construction companies and office spaces. Our aim to capture the companies involved or arrival of newly built spaces efficiently to attract attention of passer-bys through our unique design and print of hoarding panels.

Conservation and Refurbishment

Ensuring old & prestigious buildings are represented correctly is crucial for the future of these establishments. We work with many heritage projects to create attractive hoarding projects to promote a conservation project and increase interest during refurbishments. Not only do they look great, they provide protection to the public from noise, dust and debris whilst providing security to staff and the building at all times.


We work with many residential developments across the UK from small residential projects, to high rise towers providing bespoke hoarding designs and printing. They are a key marketing strategy for developers during 3rd phase of the construction, to generate interest in the potential sales of apartments and homes. Our team of in-house designers work with many well-known estate agents and development companies and have the expertise to create the best possible design to increase awareness.


At the Hoarding Print Company, we work closely with many demolition companies to create bespoke hoarding prints to advertise their business. They are the first company in many projects that require a full demolition before a new build is started. They often require hoarding quick and for short time frames. Our team understand the needs of fast turnarounds and we are able to deliver in short time frames.