About The Product

What can I print onto my Hoarding? You can have anything you like printed, we offer a full colour print solution.

How do I attach my Hoarding?

Different contracts prefer different methods, most commonly hoarding screws with matching colour screw caps which we can supply.

How much wind can Hoarding take?

Hoarding panels should be typically backed onto ply and will withstand the level your base structure can handle.

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 3 month on economy and 12 month warranty on standard printed panels. How do I get a price?

Customer Service FAQ

If I call you what should I expect? A friendly team that will go above and beyond to service your requirements.

If I make an enquiry, how soon should I expect a response?

We aim to respond to most enquiries within 4-5 hours.

What are your open hours?

We are open 8am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Do you have a showroom?

We do not have a showroom but are more than happy to send out samples.

Graphics & Pre-Production

How can I customise my hoarding?

Do you care about what I print on my hoarding board?

We are happy to print whatever you design or would like designed on your hoarding.

Does any printing start before I approve artwork?

We will not print unless we have a approval of artwork, if you have supplied the artwork we would expect you to proof and confirm all is as it should be before supplying to us.

I have unique colours that I need to match - is that possible?

Though we cant guarantee exact matches, we will do our best to get as close as possible.

Manufacturing or Printing

How quickly can Hoarding be Printed? Turnaround on these in 4-7 working days from order.

If I have a really tight deadline, can you help?

Hoarding panels come 1220mm x 2440mm as standard. We offer oversized boards at 1500mm x 3000mm and can also cut to bespoke sizes.


Do you deliver UK wide? We can deliver Uk wide.

Can I pick up?

You are most welcome to collect your order from us.

How quickly do you dispatch orders?

Turnaround on these in 4-7 working days from order.

How long does delivery take?

Once dispatched deliveries take 2-3 working days.

Do you have overnight freight?

Hording boards are sent on a same day van or oversized pallet service.

Do you deliver to residential addresses?

We are unable to deliver to residential addresses.

What happens if no one is available to receive the delivery?

There must be someone present to accept deliveries, if the delivery is attempted and unable to be made there may be additional charges to reattempt the delivery.