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What Makes an Effective Hoarding? Everything you need to Know

If you have strolled across the town or nearby your work address, you must have seen some large boards saying, “your new home is here,” or something like that. It could also be an advertisement for a vehicle or a movie. These huge boards or panels are hoardings used by firms and advertisers to market their products and services.

However, they are not just limited to marketing. These hoarding panels are used to mask the construction site’s happenings. Besides that, they are also useful in safeguarding the public from potential injuries due to construction activities.

Now, no matter what material is used in making the hoarding boards, they will surely fulfil the safety and masking functionality. But, the graphics and textual content need to be planned and printed properly.

Let’s move ahead and see what goes behind effective hoarding signage!

What Are the Various Types Of Hoarding Panels?

Before we dive into the part where you learn how to keep the users glued to the hoarding graphics, let’s have a brief look at the types of hoarding panels!Hoarding panels or boards can be segregated based on the type of material and purpose!

Type of material

Concrete: Ideal for installing interlocking systems and cost-effective

Timber: A green and sustainable option.

Steel: Ideal for long-term use and easy to install.


Advertisement: Market your business or lease it to a third party for advertising.

Informational: Add quality to your ad by adding information like project completion date, number of apartments, distance from nearby places, etc.

Audience Engagement: Artists and branding partners can display artwork to engage the users while on the run.

What Goes Into Effective Hoarding?

Well, one of the core objectives behind hoarding boards is marketing. However, capturing and sustaining user attention takes a lot of work. As per stats, the average human attention span is 8 seconds. Hence, for marketers, there are only eight seconds to leave an impression on the user. Moreover, the initial seconds are the critical ones.

They are the ones where you grab the attention and make the most of it. In the case of a hoarding panel, you must design it to capture user attention immediately. Here are some key aspects that go into an immersive, effective, and magnetic hoarding!


If you see the Amazon logo, you can easily distinguish it from the others, right? Why? The answer is the uniqueness of the logo. Similarly, when you are planning the graphic for the hoarding signage, make sure that you add the element that makes you different from the others.

For example, if you are a builder and making a graphic for hoarding panels, you can add the details or USPs of your project. You can write, “dedicated pool and parking facility”, or “10 minutes ride from the airport”. These specific details can make the audience come to you swiftly.


It is obvious that very few people in public will provide undivided attention to the hoarding placed by you on the street. Moreover, people in cars and other vehicles driving nearby will have only a few seconds to capture a glimpse of it. Hence, it is crucial to make the message on the hoarding signage as clear as possible.

Here are some tips to make the message on the hoarding panels clear and readable!

  • Use a larger text font for the key message that is visible from a distance.
  • Use complementing colours with respect to the surrounding. Avoid colours that form a camouflage or just disappear into the background.
  • Make sure that the visual elements of the graphics are distributed properly without clutter.


Let’s break down the most crucial part. If you are reading this, you must have got an idea about the content under this subheading from the subheading itself. You see, the subheading was enough to explain what was coming. The same is the case with effective hoarding signage.

If hoarding boards have more space, it doesn’t mean that you have to put project details and graphics in every corner. Keep most part of the hoarding panels empty and only add relevant details that are quick to grasp. Making the hoarding crowded may be ideal for those who are on foot but not for those who are in fast-moving vehicles.

Keeping the information to the minimum and relevant makes it easily digestible and market your business.

Catchy Images

What is the first thing that captures your attention when you look at signage or an ad panel? Most of you would say an image or a picture. As an image can capture the attention of the audience quickly, it will be best if you can add images to the hoarding rather than textual content.

You see, written content can be a bit difficult to read and comprehend quickly. But, an image can speak to the audience much faster. For example, if you are advertising an apartment with a pool, you can add an image of the same to the hoarding rather than writing it on the hoarding board. A properly created graphic image is easier to remember than textual content.

Use Proper Lighting

Keeping all the above aspects in mind will keep your hoarding boards highly effective during the day. But what about at night? Your audience stays out for long after dark. To ensure that the hoarding boards and panels are successful at delivering your brand message after dark, use proper lighting to illuminate the hoarding boards.

You can also consider using digital signage if your budget allows it. Backlit hoarding panel are most commonly used for lighting.


In the end, creating a brand-focused hoarding is an easy task but needs to be done carefully while factoring in all the necessary aspects. Whether you are marketing your building business, a beauty product, or a vehicle, keep it crisp, concise, clean, and digestible.

If you need top-quality hoarding boards or panels, you can get in touch with the Hoarding Print Company!


By: Nimesh

A digital and print specialist with over decades of experience ranging from design to production, Nimesh is committed to quality and working with clients to add value to their businesses. His technical knowledge of print machinery operation is matched only by his love of the print industry.

Jan 06 2023