Excelsior Homes

Excelsior Homes
We designed, printed and installed this 50m Premium Hoarding with LED Lighting for Excelsior Homes in London, NW4.

Our state-of-the-art flatbed printer allows us to print in large quantities and volumes, passing on our savings to you, our customers. The clarity of pictures is sharp and vibrant, that do not fade or run due to UV resistant and waterproof inks. Whilst being lightweight, our hoarding panels are easy to install and can transform your site instantly.

With this particular project, we printed the branding colours direct to subrate before applying Metallic Gold and White Vinyl logos and lettering. We also installed low power LED’s under the headers to illuminate the hoarding during the night. This allowed the hoarding to been seen day and night, ensuring maximum advertising to potential buyers.

Finally, we laminated all panels in a Matt film, to provide a sleek and elegant finish, protecting the print and vinyl from minor scratches and dirt. It also allowed the panels to be wiped clean periodically ensuring maximum impact.

If you are interesting in our Premium Hoarding Panels with LED lighting, speak to our expert teams on 0208 902 9298 or e-mail us at sales@hoardingprintcompany.co.uk