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3 things to keep in mind for creating the best quality hoarding print

Outdoor advertising is an effective way to reach out to your target audience. In this, printed hoarding boards play an important role.

Lately, printed hoardings have been adopted by the construction companies as an integrated part of their project site.

In the United Kingdom, building contractors are legally bound to install hoarding boards on-site to prevent unauthorised access and theft/vandalism, besides ensuring the health and safety of the site workers, visitors and public.

More so, according to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, it’s a legal requirement of an employer in the UK to take essential steps for ensuring the complete safety and health of its workforce. The Act also applies to construction sites.

Usually, construction hoardings consist of various printed hoarding panels installed to mask the construction activities, keeping it private from the public view. The panels are attached to the wooden structure of the site by a professional boarding company, making it ready for installing the hoarding graphics.

Till the time a project is completed and gets its final look, the hoarding boards become the face of the project. The passers-by see only the colourful graphics showcasing the advert of a brand or the construction company. The dust and debris remain behind the hoarding boards, and even site workers are not distracted by the outdoor activities.

The commercial construction sites offer ample space for installing printed hoarding panels and immense scope for advertising.

Most of the time, the hoarding graphics feature the details and facilities of the construction site to inform the passers-by.

The hoarding boards also advertise the soon to be occupied stores by the brands to create curiosity amongst the people visiting the area.

The construction site hoardings also offer an opportunity for brands to advertise their products, services or social drives. And so, nowadays, printed hoardings are becoming the preferred choice of marketing companies for advertising purposes.

As per market studies, around 98% of the people see print hoardings at least once a week in the UK. This figure clearly shows the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in the UK.

What’s more, around 40% of people in the UK feel that a brand is prestigious if it uses outdoor advertising media for its promotion.

After assessing the reach and effectiveness of printed hoardings, it becomes necessary to ensure the quality in terms of material, printing and inks used in the hoarding graphics.

In short, the quality of the hoarding boards reflects the actual image of a brand, which can benefit it in the long run.

Let us talk about some crucial aspects of ensuring quality in your printing for construction site hoardings.

The quality of the printing hoarding depends on the material being used in the panels

The success of printed hoardings depends on various factors, such as:

  • The material used for the printing – type | thickness | durability
  • Whether or not the printing material can survive extreme weather conditions
  • Can the material be customised according to the required size and shape
  • Can the material and printing graphics come out clear and accurate

A hoarding panel, generally made of Aluminium Composite Material, better known as ACM, is available in various thicknesses, including 3mm with a standard size of 1220 x 2440mm. Having white aluminium surface, the panels are well-equipped to hold printed graphics laminated in different finishes for better protection, making them ideal for outdoor advertising.

Usually, 3mm ACM is the ideal choice for printed hoardings panels, as it’s a stiff, non-porous yet lightweight material that retains its original shape in changing outdoor temperatures.

The type of ink used for printing a hoarding graphic for construction sites is quite essential for its quality

Since construction site hoardings are exposed to all weather conditions, they need to be printed using UV inks for achieving superior quality and long-lasting shine in colours.

  • UV printing, majorly used for commercial printing purposes, employs ultraviolet curing technology, exposing the print to strong ultraviolet light.
  • UV inks are formulated to provide UV resistance. It gives around five years of life to the prints meant for outdoor hoardings.
  • UV inks are recommended for printing of hoarding graphics as they are UV resistant and long-lasting, and most importantly they do not need lamination.
  • UV inks can be used for printing on a variety of porous/non-porous materials through the inkjet process.

That’s not all. UV inks, unlike traditional inks, are environment friendly as it is free from 99.5% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

The quality of lamination used on a hoarding graphic for construction sites makes it easier to clean and maintain

Another important aspect for ensuring quality in construction site hoardings is its lamination. Since the hoarding printing is exposed to outdoor climatic conditions, the possibility of fading out or getting dirty by wind is more.

Although UV printing solves this problem to an extent, still it is always better to use your construction site hoarding graphic with a protective laminate like gloss, matt, or anti-graffiti.

The laminate acts as a protective layer to the hoarding print keeping its shine intact. It also allows the maintenance person to clean it if it gets dirty due to environmental elements or in case of vandalism.

These are some of the important aspects to be kept in mind for producing the best quality hoarding print for construction sites. Suppose you or your company is planning to use construction site hoardings for your outdoor advertising campaign. In that case, you should consult the most professional company that can help you with the complete process within your budget.

Hoarding Printing Company is one such experienced and professional enterprise in the UK that has completed thousands of site hoarding projects in the region. The company has the most advanced technology and CSCS trained staff that are aware of health and safety regulations on the construction site. So, contact us for any hoarding-related requirements for your business today.

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